For the ancestors

For all the black men who died with no justice

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Demonstrators held an open carry gun march through South Dallas on Wednesday to protest police shootings.

Organizers said the show of force served as a reminder of the right to bear arms to protect themselves from criminals and from police.

About 30 men and women with the Huey P. Newton Gun Club rallied through the streets, focusing on deadly police shootings from the Ferguson, MO shooting death of teen Michael Brown to shootings by local police.

Some carried long guns, rifles, shotguns and AR-15s, while others carried signs others and wore messages.

“I think it’s a good thing,” said Reginald Cofer with Mothers Against Teen Violence.

“They are trying to protect the community,” said Jacey Cofer with Mothers Against Teen Violence. “At the city hall meeting the other day, we got no answers. It’s been a bunch of murders, the cops are not being accountable for it, and we want answers.”

The marchers entered a south Dallas restaurant with their weapons, where Dallas police officers inside were finishing eating lunch.

“My brother was killed by Dallas police back in June,” said David Harrison, whose brother, Jason, was shot and killed by Dallas police June 14.

Police were called to the Harrison home on that day by Jason’s mother, and police said Jason lunged at them with a screwdriver.

Jason’s family is still waiting for answers.

“Trying to have patience and just keeping busy staying with everything and hoping that the right thing is gonna be done,” said David.

People watched as the marchers worked their way along Malcolm X Boulevard, and Dallas police in a black SUV provided unsolicited security for the demonstrators.

One of them, Drew X with the New Black Panther Party, warned, “If they don’t get these people under control with this police brutality and this abuse, this gonna be an international crisis.”

The gun club takes its name from Huey P. Newton, one of the founders of the original Black Panther Party that evolved in the 1960s.



"This picture of Morehouse graduates drenched in rain yesterday has surprisingly caused quite a stir. Many are saying it’s indicative of Morehouse not having the money or common decency to implement a rain plan. If you see that when you look at this picture, I’m going to politely take the liberty to call you a cynic. To me this picture symbolizes the journey that so many black men endure everyday of their lives as they face countless obstacles yet continue to pursue success with unwavering determination. It is cynical to ignore the fortitude and thirst for knowledge in these men’s eyes for an opportunity to knock/shade/read Morehouse. Rain can’t stop the House, & life’s obstacles won’t stop these men…”

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